About ‘Healing Kindly’

I began my journey of recovery and healing in the winter of 2017, when I started therapy to come to terms with a violent sexual attack that happened a few years ago . Therapy acted like a light, revealing different parts that needed attention, layers that needed removing, old wounds that needed tending to.

The journey that this process sent me on has been hard but rewarding: it’s helped me learn how to heal my body, my heart and my soul and, in the process, it has allowed me to begin again, not by erasing the past, but by sorting through it and keeping those experiences and memories that can serve me in the present and future.

I started this blog because I want to have an account of my journey, both for myself and for anyone else it might help. Some of the posts are my thoughts on different things, others are more about my experiences and the skills and tools that have helped me along the way in the hope that it can help others too. Recovering and healing from trauma and the self-destructive behaviour that often comes in its wake is not easy, but it is possible. The first thing it takes is kindness – kindness to ourselves. If we begin each day with the intention to treat ourselves kindly, the rest becomes easier.

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