Little Drummer

Tympanum. Petrous bone, Ear wing, Sound catcher Inside the ear cave. Little drummer, thump. Little drummer, thump. Little drummer, thump. I want to lay my face on my heart, listen to my heartbeat.

This Year So Far

This spring I was sure I would be really healthy and productive - eat well, exercise, stick to a good sleep routine, write lots. Last spring was so tough, lockdowns and Covid regulations were the least of it. The worst, at least for me, was that overwhelming sense of fear and sadness. Fear for what... Continue Reading →

So this is me, then.

Fragment 1.  The wood I gather from many different places. I find it in forests, on hills and beaches. There are no prerequisites for what makes a piece of wood suitable; it might be its texture, shape, or the contours of its extremities. Some, for example, curve out and away, like a curl of hair,... Continue Reading →


When was the beginning? At times, in recovery, it seems important to pinpoint the exact moment when things began to change. It is often the lowest point we mark as a beginning, what many refer to as 'rock bottom', but it wasn't like that for me. For me the real change began just before dawn... Continue Reading →

This blog is meant to work as a kind of scrapbook, a place where I can post thoughts, feelings and experiences that will eventually turn into a complete work featuring text and photos. I’m working on a project on trauma, landscape and identity, so this blog is a record of a journey of discovery and […]

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